About Carter…


Carter A. Dyke

Carter Dyke, simply put, was a tremendous young man of great character exemplifying the attributes every person could be proud of.  Not only was he an amazing athlete competing in/on Beach Survival, Soccer in the Sand,  numerous basketball leagues and tournaments, Grand Haven High School JV soccer team, and a Lakeshore Premier travel team, but his approachable, reliability, funny sharp wit, and goofy, antics never failed to impress or pull a smile.  He made this world a better place to live in for those that had the pleasure of knowing him. Tragically, Carter’s life was taken too soon by accidentally drowning at the age of 14 on January 13, 2015.

Carter’s love and passion for the game of soccer and his team mates was obvious and evident by his driven attitude, humble nature, and positive outlook on and off the field.  He understood that the team’s success was his success, and cared more about his team than his own ego.  He looked for the good in every person and situation and believed in living each moment to the fullest.  He always favored the truth and honesty and condemned bullying in any form. His incredible kindness, wickedly funny demeanor, and appetite for always wanting to help others made him a truly genuine person.

The way he lived his life is inspirational and his impact will never be forgotten.

Carter A. Dyke Soccer Tribute